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   Primp-N-Pets LLC was established to bring Premium Pet Products to the market. Our feature product Primp-N-Poo, A Premium European Style Specialty Shampoo which is canine, feline and equine friendly is truly “Aromatherapy for Animals”.

   For the love of animals our future holds more premium products which we will develop with the same precise quality and effectiveness desired to comfort, clean and maintain beloved house pets to the most desired champions, because they deserve it.

   Each will be produced with the same love and care we put into our signature shampoo Primp-N-Poo! 

   We offer Exclusive Distribution Rights, so click on the the distribution link to fill out the form and become one or click on the wholesale link to find out who to buy wholesale from.

   With care and respect from Primp-N-Pets LLC we are looking forward to a well-groomed relationship, GET PRIMPED!


Help support this non-profit organization by purchasing Primp-N-Poo directly from them by clicking here.




Help Italian Grey Hound Rescue out by purchasing their merchandise by clicking here.

Primp-N-Poo is the preferred shampoo of Classic K-9! Primp-N-Poo LLC has teamed up with Classic K-9 and has decided to go on tour with them. A portion of all net proceeds will be donated to a local animal charity. For more information click here.


Quarterly Newsletter From Ferris

My Paws are UP to Chris Pawlosky the Grooming Tips writer in Groomer to Groomer  magazine. Her article titled "The Dirt on Shampoo" in the May/June 2006 publication was a long time coming. I should know being a dog who hates baths; my family spent countless hours of research to come up with the best shampoo possible. All the many ingredients are of the highest quality cosmetic grade available and the many essential oils are of the purest form. All cosmetic ingredients are pH balanced for us shampoo sensitive animals and the pure essential oils are used for countless remedies. One thing I disagree with is listing all the ingredients, I heard if Colonel Sanders was still alive he wouldn’t give up his trade secret either, boy I sure do like his chicken… 

I recently overheard a couple of groomers talking about a grooming school out East that switched to one well known brand of shampoo and that they wash all of the dogs twice and they smell great. Ha, I hate baths unless it is with the “aromatherapy for animals” shampoo Primp-n-Poo that is A Premium European Style Specialty Shampoo. If they only knew that using Primp-n-Poo with only one bath for any animal with any condition is all they would need, I bet they would give it a try and then switch brands immediately. Those same groomers were talking about another English Bulldog who comes to them to be groomed; poor guy was bald in a large area of his head until he started being bathed with Primp-n-Poo. They say all they did was use Primp-n-Poo for his baths and his bald spot is gone! They even think he’s cute and say now he’ll  give me a run for my treats with the girls.  

You humans should really contact a distributor today and get yourself a small bottle to try; I know that if the animals you bathe didn’t “Get Primped” they just Got Hosed off. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, we are looking forward to a well-groomed relationship, GET PRIMPED! 
Keep Shampooing,

Ferris – “Spokes Dog”

Primp-n-Pets LLC




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